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Achieving change through inclusive and person-centred support for persons with disabilities

‘How can we make sure that support services respond to the individual needs of persons with disabilities and help them live included in the community? What kind of training & learning is necessary to make this happen?’

The New Paths to InclUsion Network brings together organisations of persons with disabilities, service-providers, universities and research centres from fourteen European countries and Canada whose common aim is to achieve change and support organisations to deliver community based and person-centred services for people with disabilities.

The Network builds on the legacy of the European project New Paths to Inclusion Network (2009-2011) which helped to advance Person Centred Planning and Practice in support services across Europe.


The Path Grows Steeper- Reflections from John O’Brian on the Realising Meeting in Vienna

Our focus in this meeting was crystallizing: identifying the seeds we want to plant through the multiplication courses, the prototypes of which we will test in 2015. Some Network members observe that [ ... ]


How can we change services for people with disabilities so that more people can live a good life? This has been and is our guiding question on the shared learning journey that the New Paths to InclU [ ... ]

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Upcoming events

National Conference on Person-Centred Planning in Slovakia

The Social Work Advisory Board in Slovakia is organising a National Conference on Person-Centred Planning on 26 May. Participants will hear inspirational stories on how to develop person-centred servi [ ... ]

Europe in Action Conference in Rome

Slavenka Martinovic will present activities developed within the framework of the New Paths to Inclusion Network at the Europe In Action Conference, organised by Inclusion Europe. Taking place in [ ... ]

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