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The New Paths for Inclusion Network has organised a series of conferences and workshops in Vienna early November. Participants had the opportunity to discuss person-centred planning and meet many activists and change-makers.

On 4 November, the New Paths for Inclusion Final Conference, the last conference of the project, has given project partners and interested participants the occasion to share their conclusions on  the best ways to make sure that support services respond to the individual needs of persons with disabilities and help them live included in the community. 

November 5 was designated as the Network Day, organised in collaboration with the German speaking Network on Person-centred Planning. Members and non-members of the German speaking Network had the chance to meet, exchange ideas and network with different organisations.

The Large Group Workshop “Learning with Pathfinders and Their Partners” withTheory-U experts Beth Mount and John O’Brien was held on 6 and 7 November. Pathfinders are persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities who want more in their lives. In this workshop, participants explored how pathfinders and their partners are co-creating self-directed journeys to social inclusion. Participants discussed ways to identify what assists people’s diverse journeys to social inclusion and what it takes to make necessary organisational changes.

The Final Conference was a truly inclusive space of learning where everyone, partners and participants, have deepened their understanding and practice how we can nourish social fields and co-create New Paths to Inclusion. We are delighted that everyone went home with a bunch of seeds that they have collected as well as ideas on what they can do to cultivate social fields where those seeds might flourish.