European Coordination

queraum. cultural- & social research, Austria

Operative partners

Inclusion Europe

University of Hannover, Germany

Nexus Support, United Kingdom

Fachschule Lensahn, Germany

Innovia, Austria

Operative partners are responsible for carrying out the project activities divided into eight work packages.

Networking partners

Quip, Czech Republic

APEMH, Luxembourg

Social Work Advisory Board, Slovakia

Arbeitskreis Eltern Behinderter, Italy

Association for Promoting Inclusion, Croatia

Plena Inclusión, Spain

PentruVoi, Romania

Fenacerci, Portugal

LEV Landsforeningen, Denmark

Hochschule für Heilpädagogik, Zürich, Switzerland

Verein Balance, Austria

Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg, Germany

Lebenshilfe Austria, Austria

Marsha Forrest Centre, Canada

The networking partners contribute to the development, training, dissemination and exploitation activities. They represent a wide range of regional and national service and umbrella organisations in the disability service and related Vocation Educational Training field. In the project, they have a set of clearly defined roles and competences which are based on their experience and expertise.

Associated partners

The Network is supported by more than 70 associated partners from 14 European countries.

Click here to see the list of all associated partners.

The Online Knowledge Center


Contribute to the Online Knowledge Center

23 Dec 2015

Our Final conference in Vienna was also the occasion to present our one-stop online portal: the Online Knowledge Center. With this platform, we aim to share the lessons we learned on Person-centred planning, Community Inclusion, Organisational Change and transformation, with a range of background information, tools, stories and learning materials...


Editorial - Newsletter 6

23 Dec 2015

After three years of intense learning and developing the end of our project marks a change of seasons.  Whilst we have been active cultivating our (social) fields and trying to plant new seeds, this newsletter is supposed to celebrate our “harvest”. Still our journey is far from being over. Three...


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25 May 2016



Airea UK Workshop

11 Apr 2016

  A collective creation of a more inclusive world. AIREA UK 28-30 JUNE 2016 Birchcliffe, Hebden Bridge Facilitated by                                   Ester Ortega – Tuya, Spain                                         Julie Lunt – Barefoot Alliance, UK Contributors Louise Skelhorn – Barefoot Alliance, UK. Alison Short - Barefoot Alliance, UK . Silvia Muntoz - Plein Inclusion, ...


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