We are proud to invite you to the New Paths to InclUsion Network final conference, organised in in cooperation with the “Chancen – Nutzen Büro” (Chances – Benefit Bureau) of the Austrian Trade Union Federation (Österreichischer Gerwekschaftsbund ÖGB) and the Lebenshilfe Austria. The conference, which will take place in Vienna on 4 November, will discuss the main lessons partners have learned while trying to find an answer to our guiding question: "How can we make sure that support services respond to the individual needs of persons with disabilities and help them live included in the community" Speakers will shre the kinds of individual and organisational learning that can facilitate this process of change and tranformation?’.

Project partners have taken on the philosophy and tools of person-centred planning as well as the internationally-acclaimed Theory-U as a guide to our learning. In three deeply interconnected field of learning namely:

  • Developing person-centred organisations (What do organisations need for a sustainable implementation of person-centred approaches that leads to transformative change?)
  • Fostering community inclusion and development (How can service-providers become more connected and responsive to the community and thus open new possibilities for people with disabilities to become active and contributing citizens?)
  • Providing inclusive training and learning for all (How can we improve vocational training courses to effectively include diverse groups of learners, including persons with intellectual disabilities, for the benefit of all?)

we have tried to follow the three movements of Theory U, by

  • expsoing ourselves to new learning experiences and searching for new ways of understanding (Sensing),
  • reflecting upon what we have learned and discovering emergent future possibilities (Presencing), and
  • acting quickly on this learning through trying out various new Prototype ideas to actualize the emerging future and move it into the centre of our practice (Realizing).

In our conference we want to take you onto our journey and share with you what we have learned, what we have achieved, what challenges we have encountered and what questions have emerged for us now. You will:

  • be challenged & inspired by a range of interactive presentations by John O`Brien and various partners of our Network,
  • witness the launch and presentation of our Online-Knowledge Plattform (a one-stop online portal on Person-centred planning, Community Inclusion & Organisational Change and transformation, with a range of background information, tools, stories and learning materials in various European languages)
  • participate in discussions and dialogue and meet many activists and change-makers
  • brainstop with us and help in the co-creation of a European Plattform for Inclusion and Change.

The venue of the conference is Catamaran Veranstaltungszentrum, Johann-Böhm-Platz 1, 1020 Vienna. The event will run from 10:00 – 18:00 and will be free of charge. Presentations will be held in English with consecutive German translation. The venue and programme will be fully accessible. Reservations can already be made by contacting Claudia Heindl from Lebenshilfe Österreich at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have pre-booked an allotment of rooms at Motel-One Prater (http://www.motel-one.com/de/hotels/wien/wien-prater) Ausstellungsstraße 40, 1020 Vienna, including fully accessible rooms. Please make a specific query for these rooms. To book, simply indicate „New Paths to Inclusion“ when you reserve a hotel room. Prices are 80 €/night for a single room including breakfast and 105€/night for a double room.

More detailled information will be provided in September 2015.

The Online Knowledge Center


Contribute to the Online Knowledge Center

23 Dec 2015

Our Final conference in Vienna was also the occasion to present our one-stop online portal: the Online Knowledge Center. With this platform, we aim to share the lessons we learned on Person-centred planning, Community Inclusion, Organisational Change and transformation, with a range of background information, tools, stories and learning materials...


Editorial - Newsletter 6

23 Dec 2015

After three years of intense learning and developing the end of our project marks a change of seasons.  Whilst we have been active cultivating our (social) fields and trying to plant new seeds, this newsletter is supposed to celebrate our “harvest”. Still our journey is far from being over. Three...


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25 May 2017

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Nok en hverdag i Bergen By

25 May 2017



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