On 5 November,  particpants will have a chance to deepen their understanding of the person-centred approach durig a designated Network Day, developed in cooperation with the German speaking Network on Person-centred Planning.  The German speaking Network was a direct outcome of the successor project New Paths to Inclusion (2009 – 2011), initiated at the final conference of the above project in Berlin in October 2011 and officially founded at the conference “Person-centred planning – passion for change” in November 2012 in Linz. Since then, the Network has become a registered charity under the German Association Law (Vereinsrecht), The German speaking Network boasts over 200 members and 11 active regional Networks, together with active facilitators in all European countries were German is spoken - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy – Southern Tyrolia and Luxembourg.

The network has organised conferences in November 2013 in Hamburg and March 2015 in St. Gallen & Bregenz, each conference attracting more than 300 participants. Since its founding, members of the Networks have organised over 20 inclusive training courses and have trainined close to 500 facilitators. The vision of the Network is to contribute to an inclusive society where every person has a chance to contribute and is seen as a full and equal citizen, enjoying all human rights as expressed in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities.

The Netwok – Day is thought to be an opportunity for (non-)members of the German speaking Network and for the broader European community interested and active in person-centred planning, in community development and inclusion, as well as in Organisational Change, to meet and exchange ideas. In the afternoon, the German speaking Network will hold its general meeting, while interested participants are invited to join a facilitated session on co-creating policy recommendations for inclusion and systemic change.

The Online Knowledge Center


Contribute to the Online Knowledge Center

23 Dec 2015

Our Final conference in Vienna was also the occasion to present our one-stop online portal: the Online Knowledge Center. With this platform, we aim to share the lessons we learned on Person-centred planning, Community Inclusion, Organisational Change and transformation, with a range of background information, tools, stories and learning materials...


Editorial - Newsletter 6

23 Dec 2015

After three years of intense learning and developing the end of our project marks a change of seasons.  Whilst we have been active cultivating our (social) fields and trying to plant new seeds, this newsletter is supposed to celebrate our “harvest”. Still our journey is far from being over. Three...


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25 May 2016



Airea UK Workshop

11 Apr 2016

  A collective creation of a more inclusive world. AIREA UK 28-30 JUNE 2016 Birchcliffe, Hebden Bridge Facilitated by                                   Ester Ortega – Tuya, Spain                                         Julie Lunt – Barefoot Alliance, UK Contributors Louise Skelhorn – Barefoot Alliance, UK. Alison Short - Barefoot Alliance, UK . Silvia Muntoz - Plein Inclusion, ...


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