A collective creation of a more inclusive world.


28-30 JUNE 2016

Birchcliffe, Hebden Bridge

Facilitated by

                                  Ester Ortega – Tuya, Spain                                        

Julie Lunt – Barefoot Alliance, UK


Louise Skelhorn – Barefoot Alliance, UK. Alison Short - Barefoot Alliance, UK.

Silvia Muntoz - Plein Inclusion, Spain.

Presented by Barefoot Alliance in collaboration with Tuya

What is AIREA

AIREA means getting the soil ready for cultivation, moving it, to allow the air and nutrients in.

AIREA UK aims to create a time and space devoted to thinking feeling and working together from a place of personal responsibility. It is a co-creation of discovery and adventure where, through meaningful conversations we share our vision of the future to develop new skills and relate to one another.

See a short video of Andi and Roland at AIREA Madrid 2016

AIREA is for

anyone, who is committed to inclusion. It will be valuable to self-advocates, families, managers and workers in provider organisations, commissioners, community workers, community planners, change leaders and educators.

It will cost

waged participants 200 British Pounds, unwaged participants 90 British Pounds.
This excludes accommodation and evening meal on 28th June.

We will

take a journey over 3 days to think deeply about the current situation for who experience exclusion and what we want to change. We will take a deep dive to discover where we are stuck, what we need to let go of and develop new ideas and ways. To help us on our journey we will hear some of the things that have happened for people as part of the Newpaths to InclUsion network as well as the stories from the participants of the workshop.

In the workshop we will use creative activities and social presencing theatre to help us think and see more clearly.

Come prepared to

Do something different
Think with others
Think about your own situation
Enjoy ourselves -if you play an instrument bring it with you
Bring a cushion - that is special to you in some way or says something about you
Take walks outside – bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes
Move your body – wear comfortable clothes

The workshop will be on

Tuesday 28th June and begins at 15.00 when we will get to know one another. There will be an evening meal in the town of Hebden Bridge.
Wednesday we will begin at 8.15 for ½ hour morning practice to clear our minds and prepare for the day, then go for breakfast. We will begin formally at 9.30 and continue until 17.00 when we will prepare for our celebration party at 19.00.
Thursday 30th June will also begin at 8.15 for morning practice with formal start at 9.30. We will finish at 15.00.


Please let us know if you have specific requirements so we can try our best to make sure you can participate fully and are comfortable.
Please let us know if you have specific dietary requirements.


There is a range of accommodation in Hebden Bridge, including hotels, bed and breakfast, Airbnb, hostels and cottages. A small hostel is situated next to the venue. Please read the conditions of the hostel before booking.

To book your place, please complete the application form. We recommend booking early as places are limited.

For further information email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 7840 281044



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23 Dec 2015

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